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timeplus+ Doggy NMN Longevity Formula

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Suitable for dog: < 20 kg; all ages

100% Vegan 

Made in Canada / Australian GMP pharmaceutical factory

Odorless and tasteless

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Registered with Health Canada

The only pet NMN product globally approved by Health Canada for safety and functionality.

SGS Safety Inspection

Passed heavy metal and microbiological testing by SGS Switzerland.

QPP Pet Safety Certification

Professional veterinary-reviewed program that ensures the quality and health safety of pet products

Accompany You for a Longer Time

timeplus+ NMN activates the longevity protein Sirtuins. Animal testing has shown that taking NMN can significantly extend lifespan by 20%.

Rapidly Boosts NAD+ Levels

The NAD+ levels in dog decline rapidly with age, which can potentially lead to aging symptoms such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and weakened legs. The timeplus+ Doggy Longevity Formula is specially formulated with 99.9% ultra-high purity NMN, which can be rapidly absorbed to boost NAD+ levels in the body and restore youthful levels.

The Best for Your Pet

timeplus+ NMN Longevity Formula is the only product globally approved for safety and efficacy by the Canadian Health Department and Veterinary Bureau. It has passed heavy metal and microbial testing, earning the trust of over 120 pet shops and clinics across Hong Kong. 

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