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    No Limit to Longevity

    TimePlus+ presents to you top technological innovation for your beloved pet - NMN Longevity Boost Series. Results from animal testing indicate that consuming NMN for 7 days continuously can yield remarkable improvement in pets’ mobility and longevity.

    Registered in Health Canada

    The World’s First Pet NMN Product Registered in Health Canada

    Rejuvenate Formula

    12,000mg 99%+ high-purity NMN + 600mg super antioxidant PQQ, allowing you to get rid of time constraints, regain energy, and embark on a journey of youthful time.

    Doggy NMN Longevity Formula

    Doggy NMN Longevity Formula

    NMN catalyzes the production of more than 95% of life activity energy, enhances mobility, and reverses biological age. They not seek for freedom, but accompany

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    Moggy NMN Longevity Formula

    Moggy NMN Longevity Formula

    NMN prevents cell mutation, apoptosis and senescence. It can also activate the body's longevity protein Sirtuins. Long live our beloved pets!

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    The World’s First Pet NMN Product

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