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Refund policy


  1. TimePlus+ We take pride in offering our customers the best quality.
  2. If you are dissatisfied with any purchase made, please email to within 14 days from the date of delivery for replacement or refund after deducting mailing expenses.
  3. It can be credited into your payment account within 4 weeks upon confirmation.
  4. Please note that shipping charges are non-refundable. Also, in cases of “undeliverable orders” (please see point 2 of our Shipping Policy), refund will be made to you after deducting the shipping charges and a reasonable handling charge (which will not exceed 15% of the total value of the “undeliverable order” to be refunded).
  5. Do not fall within any of the following exceptions:
  6. (a) special or discounted rates or promotional packaged prices;

    goods which have been used, tampered, opened, or goods which are of damaged or tampered packing, broken protective seal of the bottles, or where the lot number or expiration date is missing, covered or unreadable;

    goods which have expired or are within the last 6 months of shelf life;

    goods obtained via any channel other than purchase through TimePlus+ Website; or

    goods labeled as free or sample goods.
  7. Customer applying for a refund shall give us all the details of the product and the purchase, and attaching the receipt of online purchase of that product through TimePlus+Website. We will verify the case and send you email confirmation on whether your refund application is approved.
  8. All applications for refund must be made within 14 days of its online purchase on TimePlus+ Website, and must be supported by official receipts issued by TimePlus+ in order to be valid.
  9. TimePlus+ reserves the right to deny any refund applications without prior notice where, in its sole and exclusive discretion, decides that such refund application is not properly supported or otherwise not appropriate, and/ or to offer exchange of goods in lieu of a refund in the appropriate case.
  10. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong and interpreted according to Hong Kong laws. The Chinese version is only for reference and the English version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail in case of any dispute or discrepancy.