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Can NMN be supplemented through food?

Can NMN be supplemented through food?

NMN has been proven in animal models to extend the lifespan of mice by 30%. With the endorsement of Harvard scientists and many scientific research results, we have reason to believe NMN may be an effective and powerful substance to promote longevity.

However, is it a must to consume NMN supplement? Since food also contains NMN, can we simply take in NMN through our daily diet?

Below is a table published by Cell Metabolism (impact factor: 22.415) showing the NMN levels in various types of food:

This table summarizes the types of food that contain the highest NMN levels. Let's say we are making a calculation using the current conventional NMN supplemment standard that one supplement pill contains 150mg of effective ingredients. In order to achieve the same effect as eating a β-nicotinamide mononucleotide/NMN supplement pill, one has to eat 16~64 catties of edamame, 27~120 catties of broccoli, or 19~83 catties of avocado... There is no need to make calculations for other types of food with even lower NMN levels...

It is easy to see that if we are to obtain sufficient NMN from food, we will not be able to save money, and our stomach also cannot stand such consumption of food in the first place. Hence it is unrealistic to consume β-nicotinamide mononucleotide/NMN through daily diet alone; the NMN level in food is too low to meet our needs. Nevertheless, edamame, broccoli and avocado are still good choices for a healthy diet.