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What is NMN? What is its function?

NMN is the most direct precursor of NAD+. It is also a substance that is present naturally in all animals, including mammals, and in various food. The amount of NMN present in food is very limited, thus your pet cannot consume sufficient NMN through their daily diet intake. NAD+, also known as Coenzyme I, is one of the most multi-function and important biological substance found in the body of mammals, and functions in more than half of the body's metabolic activities. Moreover, Sirtuins, the longevity-promoting and anti-aging protein in mammals, is also NAD+-dependent.

Are your NMN products safe to consume?

Please rest assured that NMN is a substance that is naturally present in all organisms, including mammals and various kinds of food. Our NMN products are all naturally produced, harmless and contamination-free. They have been approved by multiple food testing service providers including FDA GRAS, SGS and JFRL, thus are certainly safe for your pets to consume.

What benefits can TimePlus+ NMN bring to my pet?

As pets age, their NAD+ levels also decrease rapidly, causing a reduction in metabolic rate, decline in mitochondrial functioning, and body malfunctioning. TimePlus+ NMN can help your pet by: 1. enhancing their energy level; 2. restoring damaged DNA; 3. activating the longevity protein Sirtuins

You describe NMN to be as magical as a miracle drug. Is there any supporting scientific evidence?

Yes. In fact, NMN is one of the most anticipated products in the field of scientific research. David Sinclair, co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School, conducted a research on NMN in 2013, and found out that after feeding 2-year-old mice with NMN for a week, their muscle health has returned to levels similar to 6-month-old mice, just as a 60-year-old elderly returning to 20 years old; their lifespan has been extended by 20%. Related reports have also been published in the international scientific journal Cell. You may also find more scientific information on our our Health Hub page.

If NAD has such huge benefits, why shouldn't I simply purchase NAD products but opt for NMN products instead?

Good question. Researchers from the U.S. Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis published their latest research findings in the journal Nature Metabolism, which proved that NMN can directly enter cells and be quickly converted into NAD to yield effects. On the contrary, the molecular size of NAD is too large, which prevents it from entering cells directly and thus yielding effects.

Where are your products manufactured?

Products of TimePlus+ are manufactured in Australia.

At what age should my pet consume NMN?

We recommend your pets to consume NMN when they have reached 2 years old.

How should I use the product? How much NMN should my pet consume?

We recommend you to mix the NMN powder with water or pet food for your pets' consumption. Regarding the amount, the suggested NMN intake amount for each pet varies depending on its weight. Please refer to specific product descriptions for more directions.

Why do I find much cheaper NMN products on other websites?

We suggest you to make prudent choices, as counterfeit products have proliferated since the launch of NMN products. The quality and effectiveness of these products are highly questionable. TimePlus+ NMN products are produced with patented ingredients, high in purity, and non-chemical synthetic. They have also been tested and approved by multiple food testing service providers, including FDA GRAS, SGS and JFRL.

My pet is vegetarian. Can it still consume TimePlus+ NMN?

Yes, our products are 100% vegetarian.

Can my pet stop consuming the product at any time?

Yes of course. TimePlus+ MNM products will not cause any drug dependency.